Heroine Songs Video (2012)

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Saaiyaan Mere Saaiyaan Video
Saaiyaan Mere Saaiyaan
Lyricists : Amitabh Bhattacharya
Musician : Salim Sulaiman
Singers : Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
"Saaiyaan mere saaiyaan
Saaiyan mere saaiyan
Mere saaiyan..
Saaiyaan mere saaiyaan
Saaiyan mere s ...
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Tujhpe Fida Video
Tujhpe Fida
Lyricists : Sanjay Chhel
Musician : Salim Sulaiman
Singers : Benny Dayal, Shraddha Pandit
"Tujh pe fida, tujh pe fida
Tujh pe fida aa.. tujh pe fida
Thoda hai nadaan, thoda beimaan
Dil k ...
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Khwahishein Video
Lyricists : Irfan Siddiqui
Musician : Salim Sulaiman
Singers : Shreya Ghoshal
"Khwaishon ka chehra kyun
Dhundhla sa lagta hai
Kyun an-ginat khwahishein hain
Khwahishon ka pehra ...
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