Satya 2 Songs Video (2013)

Satya 2 is a 2013 hindi film. At present we don't have Satya 2 songs in our database but its will be added soon. You can subscribe us on Facebook / Google+ to get informed when it will happen.
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Palkon Se Video
Palkon Se
Lyricists : Moied Elhaam
Musician : Nitin Raikwar
Singers : Rishi Singh, Shweta Pandit
"Palkon se, pehron mein
Palkon se chaand kaat ke
Pehron mein raat kheti hoon..
Dil uchhal ke rukta ...
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Tu Nahi Kuchh Nahi Video
Tu Nahi Kuchh Nahi
Lyricists : Nitin Raikwar
Musician : Nitin Raikwar
Singers : Shweta Pandit, Leonard Victor
"Tu nahi kuchh nahi
Kuchh nahi tu nahi
Tu nahi kuchh nahi
Kuchh nahi tu nahi
Sunu na kuchh tere ...
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