Jai Ho Songs Video (2014)

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Nacho Re Video
Nacho Re
Musician : Devi Shri Prasad
Singers : Ujjaini
"Dhai na, dhai na dha dha
Dhai na, dhai na dha dha
Dhai na, dhai na, dha dha dhin dhin na..
Dh ...
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Photocopy Video
Musician : Sajid-Wajid
Singers : Himesh Reshammiya, Palak Muchhal
"Hey ji re jhat pat par ulat palat
Natkhat jat latak matak
Lachak machak, lachak machak
Chaal chal ...
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Tere Naina Video
Tere Naina
Musician : Sajid-Wajid
Singers : Shreya Ghoshal, Shaan
"Tere naina bade kaatil maar hi daalenge
Tere naina bade kaatil maar hi daalenge
Kaatilana.. kaatil ...
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Tumko Toh Aana Hi Tha Video
Tumko Toh Aana Hi Tha
Musician : Amal Malik
Singers : Arman Mallik, Marianne DCruz
Wou wou wo...
Wou wou wo... ho ho...
Tumko toh aana hi tha zindagi mein
Der hui aane me ...
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Baaki Sab First Class Video
Baaki Sab First Class
Lyricists : Sajid, Irfan Kamal, Danish Sabri
Musician : Sajid-Wajid
Singers : Wajid
"Apna kaam banta bhaad mein jaaye janta
Apna kaam banta bhaad mein jaaye janta
Goonge behron ki nag ...
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Jai Ho Title Song Video
Jai Ho Title Song
Musician : Amal Malik
Singers : Wajid Khan, Arman Mallik, Amal Malik
"[Jai.. Jai.. Jai, Jai.. Jai.. Jai..
Jai.. Jai.. Jai, Jai Ho, Jai Ho ] x 7
Jai ho...
Ek zindagi ...
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