David Songs Video (2013)

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3 Kills Video
3 Kills
Lyricists : Aaron Carvalho
Musician : The Light Years Explode
Singers : Saurabh Roy, Aaron Carvalho
"I haven\'t done enough for her
She says all the time
Its matter of the mind
Ram para ram para ra ...
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Rab Di Marzi Video
Rab Di Marzi
Lyricists : Turaz AM
Musician : Prashant Pillai
Singers : Kartik
"Oh Rab di haan Rab di
Haan Rab di marzi marzi
Oh marzi haan marzi
Haan marzi Rab di marzi
Dard ...
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Yun Hi Re Video
Yun Hi Re
Lyricists : Turaz AM
Musician : Anirudh
Singers : Anirudh, Swetha Mohan
"Lakh roka, par ruka na
Ishq yeh sarsore hai
Apni chaahat aur kuch hai
Ishq ki kuch aur hai
Tere ...
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Dama Dam Mast Kalandar Video
Dama Dam Mast Kalandar
Lyricists : Mikey McCleary
Musician : Mikey McCleary
Singers : Rekha Bhardwaj
"Ho laal meri patt rakhyo bala joole lalan
Ho laal meri patt
Ho laal meri patt rakhyo bala joole ...
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