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I Dont Luv U

I Dont Luv U Songs

I Dont Luv U is a bollywood hindi film released in the year 2013. Songs of this movie is written by Pallavi Mishra and Amit Kasaria. Amit Kasaria has composed the music of the film. Songs of I Dont Luv U is beautifully sung by Monali Thakur, Neuman Pinto, Aman, Piyush, Shiraj Khan, Fareed Hasan, Linda M. Johnny, Raman Mahadevan, Joy Barua, Shaan, Javed Ali, Hamsar Hayat and Mika Singh. We have lyrics of 8 songs from I Dont Luv U. We also have 7 video songs and 1 trailers of this film.

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I Dont Luv U Lyrics

We have presented here a List of I Dont Luv U Songs with the link to their lyrics and video. Although we have tried our best to serve you the most accurate lyrics of songs but if you find any mistake please send your corrections in Facebook comment box.

I Dont Love You Lyrics - I Dont Luv U

I Dont Love You

Singer : Monali Thakur, Neuman Pinto
Mission Tadofier Lyrics - I Dont Luv U

Mission Tadofier

Singer : Aman, Piyush, Shiraj Khan
Mohe Apne Hi Rang Mein Lyrics - I Dont Luv U

Mohe Apne Hi Rang Mein

Singer : Fareed Hasan
Music : Amit Kasaria
Lyrics : Pallavi Mishra
Do I love you Lyrics - I Dont Luv U

Do I love you

Singer : Linda M. Johnny
Kuchh Hone Ko Hai Lyrics - I Dont Luv U

Kuchh Hone Ko Hai

Singer : Raman Mahadevan, Joy Barua
Mera Chhuta Guitar Lyrics - I Dont Luv U

Mera Chhuta Guitar

Singer : Shaan
Music : Amit Kasaria
Lyrics : Amit Kasaria
Raah Dikha Mere Khuda Lyrics - I Dont Luv U

Raah Dikha Mere Khuda

Singer : Javed Ali, Hamsar Hayat
Ishq Ki Naa Ki Lyrics - I Dont Luv U

Ishq Ki Naa Ki

Singer : Mika Singh

I Dont Luv U Trailer

I Dont Luv U Cast & Crew

Directed By
Amit Kasaria
Produced By
Dr. Anil Kumar Sharma
Amrapali Media Vision Pvt. Ltd.
Ruslaan Mumtaz
Chetna Pande
Murli Sharma
Ragesh Asthana
Amit Kasaria
Singers Monali Thakur
Neuman Pinto
Shiraj Khan
Fareed Hasan
Linda M. Johnny
Raman Mahadevan
Joy Barua
Javed Ali
Hamsar Hayat
Mika Singh
Story Writer
Edited By
Suvir Nath
GenreDrama, Romance
Release DateMay 17, 2013

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